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  1. 2018-07-08Phononic Crystals Fundamentals and Applications
  2. 2018-07-08Photovoltaic Systems and the National Electric Code
  3. 2018-07-08Piezoelectric Actuators and Generators for Energy Harvesting Research and Development
  4. 2018-07-08Pizza Recipe Cookbook 210 Mouth Watering Pizza Recipes
  5. 2018-07-08Plastics Manufacturing Systems Engineering A Systems Approach
  6. 2018-07-08Poker For Dummies
  7. 2018-07-08Policy Reform and Adjustment in the Agricultural Sectors of Developed Countries
  8. 2018-07-08Postcolonial France Race, Islam, and the Future of the Republic
  9. 2018-07-08Power Electronic Converters Interactive Modelling Using Simulink
  10. 2018-07-08Power Market Transformation Reducing emissions and empowering consumers
  11. 2018-07-08Power Transformer Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis
  12. 2018-07-08Prayers of Manifestation Creating Reality with Words
  13. 2018-07-08Prediction Machines The Simple Economics of Artificial Intelligence
  14. 2018-07-08Preschool Bilingual Education Agency in Interactions Between Children, Teachers, and Parents
  15. 2018-07-08Presidential Communication and Character White House News Management From Clinton and Cable to Twitter and Trump
  16. 2018-07-08Presidents in Crisis Tough Decisions inside the White House from Truman to Obama
  17. 2018-07-08Private Power, Public Law
  18. 2018-07-08Promoting Prosocial Behaviors in Children Through Games and Play
  19. 2018-07-08Protecting-Group-Free Organic Synthesis Improving Economy and Efficiency
  20. 2018-07-08Protein-Ligand Interactions From Molecular Recognition to Drug Design, Volume 19
  21. 2018-07-08ProteinPeptide Sequence Analysis Current Methodologies
  22. 2018-07-08Psychiatric Interview of Children and Adolescents
  23. 2018-07-08Psychiatry and Pedopsychiatry
  24. 2018-07-08Psychology of Decision Making in Legal, Health Care and Science Settings
  25. 2018-07-08Pulmonary Pathology Neoplastic and Non-Neoplastic (Encyclopedia of Pathology)
  26. 2018-07-08Python Code Warrior-Working with WMI Working Windows Management Instrumentation and creating reports By Example
  27. 2018-07-08Python Tricks A Buffet of Awesome Python Features
  28. 2018-07-08Queer Politics in India Towards Sexual Subaltern Subjects
  29. 2018-07-08Queering Femininity Sexuality, Feminism and the Politics of Presentation
  30. 2018-07-08Race and America's Long War
  31. 2018-07-08Reconsidering Constitutional Formation II Decisive Constitutional Normativity
  32. 2018-07-08Reflective Practice for Teaching in Lifelong Learning na
  33. 2018-07-08Regional Anaesthesia A Pocket Guide
  34. 2018-07-08Reinventing Gravity A Physicist Goes Beyond Einstein
  35. 2018-07-08Religious Education Between Radicalism and Tolerance
  36. 2018-07-08Religious Epiphanies Across Traditions and Cultures
  37. 2018-07-08Remote Sensing and Cognition Human Factors in Image Interpretation
  38. 2018-07-09Rescuing Afghanistan
  39. 2018-07-09Reticulate Evolution and Humans Origins and Ecology
  40. 2018-07-09Robust Representation for Data Analytics Models and Applications
  41. 2018-07-09Root Biology
  42. 2018-07-09Routing TCPIP, Volume 1
  43. 2018-07-09Routledge Handbook of Ecological and Environmental Restoration
  44. 2018-07-09Rule of Thirds
  45. 2018-07-09Rum More than 100 of the world's best rums (Collins Little)
  46. 2018-07-09SAT Reading & Writing Prep, 7th Edition
  47. 2018-07-09Sampled-Data Models for Linear and Nonlinear Systems
  48. 2018-07-09Saponins Types, Sources and Research
  49. 2018-07-09Saving Bobby Heroes and Heroin in One Small Community
  50. 2018-07-09Savoring the Seasons With Our Best Bites
  51. 2018-07-09Scaling Analysis in Modeling Transport and Reaction Processes
  52. 2018-07-09Seasons at Selah The Legacy of Bamberger Ranch Preserve
  53. 2018-07-09Securing Public Transportation Systems
  54. 2018-07-09Self-Sufficiency
  55. 2018-07-09Semantics of the Probabilistic Typed Lambda Calculus
  56. 2018-07-09Semiconductor Device Physics and Design
  57. 2018-07-09Semigroups in Complete Lattices Quantales, Modules and Related Topics
  58. 2018-07-09Sensing the Nation's Law Historical Inquiries into the Aesthetics of Democratic Legitimacy
  59. 2018-07-09Serous Effusions Etiology, Diagnosis, Prognosis and Therapy, Second Edition
  60. 2018-07-09Service-Oriented Mapping Changing Paradigm in Map Production and Geoinformation Management
  61. 2018-07-09Sexual Disorientations Queer Temporalities, Affects, Theologies
  62. 2018-07-09Shadow Libraries Access to Knowledge in Global Higher Education
  63. 2018-07-09Shut Down the Business School What's Wrong with Management Education
  64. 2018-07-09Sieges Of The Middle Ages
  65. 2018-07-09Simple Models of Income Redistribution
  66. 2018-07-09Simulation und Test 2017 Antriebsentwicklung im digitalen Zeitalter 19. MTZ-Fachtagung (Proceedings)
  67. 2018-07-09Slotted Waveguide Array Antennas Theory, analysis and design
  68. 2018-07-09Small Business, Big Society
  69. 2018-07-09Small State Behavior in Strategic and Intelligence Studies David's Sling
  70. 2018-07-09Smart Resources in Ophthalmology Applications and Social Networking
  71. 2018-07-09Smart Water Grids A Cyber-Physical Systems Approach
  72. 2018-07-09Social Reproduction Theory Remapping Class, Recentering Oppression
  73. 2018-07-09Social Value Investing A Management Framework for Effective Partnerships
  74. 2018-07-09Social Work in Schools Principles and Practice
  75. 2018-07-09Soda Politics Taking on Big Soda
  76. 2018-07-09Soul and Mind in Greek Thought. Psychological Issues in Plato and Aristotle
  77. 2018-07-09Source Code Meditation Hacking Evolution through Higher Brain Activation
  78. 2018-07-09Spellbook of the Lost and Found
  79. 2018-07-09Staying Power Six Enduring Principles for Managing Strategy and Innovation in an Uncertain World
  80. 2018-07-09Strange Crime (Strange Series)
  81. 2018-07-09Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications, Third Edition
  82. 2018-07-09Structural Change and Industrial Development in the BRICS
  83. 2018-07-09Successful Drug-Free Psychotherapy for Schizophrenia
  84. 2018-07-09Supplementary Schools and Ethnic Minority Communities A Social Positioning Perspective
  85. 2018-07-09Surrealism in Egypt Modernism and the Art and Liberty Group
  86. 2018-07-09Survey of Accounting, 2 edition
  87. 2018-07-09Sustainable Landscape Construction A Guide to Green Building Outdoors, Third Edition
  88. 2018-07-09Symposia on Theoretical Physics
  89. 2018-07-09System Design with Memristor Technologies
  90. 2018-07-09System and Architecture Proceedings of CSI 2015
  91. 2018-07-09Systemic Racism in the United States Scaffolding as Social Construction
  92. 2018-07-09Talk to Yourself Like a Buddhist Five Mindful Practices to Silence Negative Self-Talk
  93. 2018-07-09Task-space Separation Principle From Human Postural Synergies to Bio-inspired Motion Planning for Redundant Manipulators
  94. 2018-07-09Tatler's Irony Conspicuous Consumption, Inconspicuous Power and Social Change
  95. 2018-07-09Teaching and Learning in a Community of Thinking The Third Model
  96. 2018-07-09Teenage Guys Exploring Issues Adolescent Guys Face and Strategies to Help Them (Youth Specialties
  97. 2018-07-09Tensors made easy
  98. 2018-07-09The APRN's Complete Guide to Prescribing Drug Therapy 2018
  99. 2018-07-09The American Farmer in the Eighteenth Century
  100. 2018-07-09The Anatomy of Prose
  101. 2018-07-09The Application of Science in Environmental Impact Assessment


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